When God says there is purpose in your pain

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Are you going through a difficult time right now? Does life seem like it is at its worst and you do not know how you’re going to get by? You’re feeling so much pain that it seems to be stabbing at the little life you’ve got left. You don’t even have the strength to pray, and you’re probably just thinking, “God, listen to my heart instead”.

When we go through rough situations, the hurt that we feel is most times all that we feel. It’s strong enough to take over our senses and just keep us down. The way we speak changes, the way we see things also alters, our smell, taste, and hearing are affected too. We become completely submerged in the sea of our pain. Yet, it is in our pain that our Heavenly Father speaks to us the most.

Right there and then we are so busy feeling the hurt, crying, the emotion is overtaking us, that we do not stop to listen to God and what He has to say to us. He speaks and He is speaking. One of the things that He is saying right now is that there is purpose in your pain. See, I have learned recently that not every painful situation was sent my way with the unique goal to harm me. There is so much more happening that I ignore.

I have learned, that even in my pain, I must take a break from the crying and just ask God, Father, what are you saying to me right now? What am I supposed to learn? And this is what I did. The Holy Spirit made me understand that I am just looking at the small piece of the puzzle, myself. There is a much bigger picture involved here and that the pain that I am going through will serve that greater purpose.

I am not sure what that purpose is as yet. But as I wait to find out, I have learned to find comfort in knowing that even in my pain God can use me for the benefit of someone else. So I will go through this pain.

I think about Jesus when He had to endure the cross. Jesus went through so much pain. But He stayed there and allowed the pain to flow because He knew of the purpose that was in it. Even in that dark moment, Jesus knew to trust God by letting His will be done through Him.

Imagine God using you in a powerful way today, do not let the pain you are going through serve as a hindrance from God accomplishing His purpose through you. Endure the pain because it is so much bigger than you.

Prisca Denis George

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