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When 2020 began, I had so many plans and so many things in mind that I just wanted to do for God. I enrolled to take online Christian mentoring and coaching classes and thought that I should seriously give my time to that. I also started Taught to be Fearless, refreshed its Instagram page, and finally created its website. Life then looked great as I planned to take this year to focus on where I needed to be and go […]

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Samson where are you? What you doing?

When reading the story of Samson in the Bible, you wonder why he took so long to defeat the Philistines. It is only at his death did he did his greatest act. When reading about his life, I get the feeling that Samson wanted to be normal. He wanted to get married and just live his life. But, he had a purpose, he had a gift, his strength. So his desires for himself became stronger and louder than God’s desires […]

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When God says there is purpose in your pain

Are you going through a difficult time right now? Does life seem like it is at its worst and you do not know how you’re going to get by? You’re feeling so much pain that it seems to be stabbing at the little life you’ve got left. You don’t even have the strength to pray, and you’re probably just thinking, “God, listen to my heart instead”. When we go through rough situations, the hurt that we feel is most times […]

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